The need for therapy varies for each person allowing each session to be individualized.  Services include individual, family, and group counselling for children, adolescents, and adults.

In addition to the type of session, the length of session will also vary.  The first session may vary, however tends to be an hour and half.  If sessions are needed thereafter they will range from 45-90 minutes.  Rates for sessions are $200 per session regardless of type of session or length of time.  Extended sessions are also available and based on need.

You are encouraged to complete intake paperwork prior to the session to allow for the best use of time during your session.

Still unsure if therapy is for you? Call for a free consultation to learn more about how it will work for you!


Workshops may be provided within your community or organization on a variety of topics.  Sample workshops include:

  • RRT Information
  • The Myths of Suicide
  • The Power of Communication
  • Completing Effective Clinical Documentation