Jaime Armstrong, RP

I believe our minds are complicated, and work much like our smartphones and computers. If your smartphone is anything like mine it’s battery dies fast, it’s out of data, and can’t take a photo because the storage is full! I’m also getting alerts regularly to remind me to download this, or update that. Just like our phones have many apps running in the background, which takes up space, drains our battery, and uses our data, our minds are very similar. At times, without knowing, there are apps running in the background that pop up with alerts saying, “hey do something!” The thing is, what it wants done doesn’t exist because it’s not happening now. I also believe that if the only time this stuff was showing up was if you were interested in it happening or someone asked for it to happen, then you wouldn’t be hanging out with me or anyone else and would have taken care of it already. Because of that I believe it’s my job to get stuff done and close out those apps to update mind with the latest version so that things run optimally.


Although born in Canada, I was raised in the states where I was a collegiate level swimmer at Clark University and studied psychology, law and society, and human services as I obtained my Bachelors of Arts degree. I then furthered my education and received a Masters of Arts degree in Counsellor Education, with a focus on mental health, from the University of South Florida. Working within the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, my interest in trauma and family therapy expanded which led me to becoming a Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy® with Clinical Hypnosis.   Upon moving to Canada I became a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and enjoy providing individual and family therapy to those in the Midland and Wasaga Beach area.


When not in session, I am often found cheering on the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers during football season, skiing and doing all things winter as the snow comes, and enjoying the views of lakes and beaches in our beautiful Simcoe and Muskoka region.

(705) 805-9232


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